Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching

I offer you guidance for any changes you are going through or changes that you want to create in your life. I help you find your true path in life and help you reach your goals. Whether you are going through changes in life or feel stuck, I offer you empathic listening sessions where you can talk freely and without apprehension. It can be difficult to deal with problems or find solutions on your own.

Spiritual Counselling

45 min ▪ £35

Together we explore your inner journey to health, happiness and success.

This is a safe place where you can address your deeper concerns about your spiritual path as well as day to day issues. As an emphatic listener I can give you a space to explore your own truth and finding a path out of difficult times. A holistic approach is essential to wellbeing and we all need support and kindness to thrive. I will listen to you and encourage you to set realistic goals and even help you get there!

Spiritual Life Coaching

45 min ▪ £35

Together we explore your inner journey to find your gifts and your destiny. (Discounted sessions for block bookings available)

This is a safe space where you can explore your spiritual path and destiny. I help you explore your own spirituality and divinely given gifts for your quest to find your true calling in life. We all need support and kindness to thrive and blossom and we all have different gifts that are specific to us and if you find them you may well be on your way to a new career and a new life! I will guide you towards your inner desires and encourage you to become all that you can be. Together we can set realistic goals and I will happily help you make your dreams come true!

Shamanic Healing and Energy Healing

Healing is an ancient art that has been pushed aside in modern times, leaving us feeling lost and without energy. It is causing us unnecessary distress as we look for substitutes to fill the emptiness within and we are longing to be heard and healed. Through my Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and other therapies I can help you find purpose and direction in life. I would be honoured to guide you on your spiritual journey and help you restore inner balance and peace.

Connective Energy Healing

1 hour ▪ £55

This is an effective healing and a truly an amazing experience where I work with your energy body. It is helpful for balancing Yin and Yang and to enable the flow of energy. Your body will let me know what areas needs healed and you will feel the difference quickly.

Body Reading and Healing

45 min ▪ £35

I will tune in to your body to find its hidden messages for you and help you begin the healing process. This session is especially useful when dealing with emotional and physical pain and any kind of illness as you will find out the deeper meaning of what is stored in your body.

Shamanic Healing and Guidance

1 hour ▪ £55

In shamanic healing I connect with your body and spirit while in a light trance to find out any imbalances and reveal your bodies messages. I will receive images from the Great Spirit and I will help you interpret any images that come to you during our session. I will find and correct any damage that has been done and restore the balance of the energy body. You often encounter you power animals in this session.

Power Animal Guidance

45 min ▪ £35

Find out what spirit animals are walking with you and learn how to connect with them. You may have an idea of what spirit animal you have but we are not often aware of how we can work with them to help us develop new sides of your selves. A spirit animal come bringing gifts and they will not all show up at once but they will come forward in perfect order as you need their guidance and protection. This process is natural and has been around for thousands of years and therefore your spirit recognises what is happening during this session. Afterwards you will become more and more aware of your power animals and how they interact with you. They often communicate with you more clearly and frequently after a shamanistic session.

Distance Energy Healing

30 min ▪ £35

A distance healing can be performed for you on yourself or for a loved one, be it body, mind or spirit that needs mended. Let me know your problem and I will perform a healing. You take part in the healing by sitting or lying in stillness or meditation at your home while I am performing the ceremony. Afterwards we will talk about any images or feelings that have come up.

Distance Healing Ceremony

20 min ▪ £25

A distance healing ceremony will be performed for you on any matters that trouble you, be it of body, mind or spirit. Let me know your problem and I will perform a ceremony for you with a message to spirit to aid you in your situation. You can take part in the healing by sitting in stillness or meditation at home while I am performing the ceremony for you.


Divination is an ancient art and a mirror of the soul that allows us to find our way through all the ups and downs of life. This guidance is an effective way to dispel the clutter and confusion, cutting through any illusions. I will find out what way forward is best for you and let you know what blocks you from achieving what you want in life, this way you become free to shape your life the way you want it.

Tarot Reading

45 min ▪ £35

Tarot Reading and Angel Cards

45 min ▪ £35

Tarot Reading and Oracle Cards

45 min ▪ £35

Angel Card Reading

30 min ▪ £25